<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/15/83/30/90/05/200906102960.jpg?t=1601305328"><br>There's something so appealing about a midcentury ranch:Big sky windows that maximize every drop of sunshine.Kitchen harkens back to a time when cooking was a priority, original cabinets with all kinds of swell features:built in cutting board and bread box and slide outs for pot covers and pans. Above all, an MCM ranch has the clean lines that seem to promise us that no matter how messy life may get, serenity awaits the moment you step through the front door.Tons of extra space in the partly finished basement! Fireplace to keep you toasty this winter. Yes, this house is connected to city sewer in a neighborhood where that was just an option, not a given. The furnace and A/C are only two years old. All the appliances stay with the house!<br>